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Boost your Platform

Complete your projects in less time. BrickFunding is an excellent qualified traffic source to push your business forward. With an innovative design and an intuitive browsing system, BrickFunding uses state-of-art technologies to provide its users with the best service and to show updated offers every day. This means we can send you quality traffic and offer high conversion rates.

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Optimize your results

Choose where you want to promote your Platform and ensure the biggest return of investment.
Leverage the high qualified traffic of BrickFunding and access investors all around the world.
Access advanced data and statistics to optimize your Platforms' results and take right decisions over your business model.

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Your Platform and Projects always under control



Global positioning for your brand and international dissemination for your platform. Access clients all over the world without investing your company's valuable resources in expensive marketing campaigns. Just focus on offering the best projects to your clients.


We speak well of you. Besides your platform's information in BrickFunding, we have a Blog. This is where we advertise our clients and their projects. We also have a newsletter where we provide the most relevant news in the sector.


Optimize dissemination for the projects on your platform and complete your campaigns more quickly and at a lower price. Save time and money with BrickFunding and increase your conversion rates with the quality traffic we send to your website.


You will receive a personalised report on your platform's evolution, and a comparison with the rest of the sector. Get specialized consulting to improve your platform.

BrickFunding API

Connect with our API or give us access to your own API and we will handle all integration process. The more information you fill in, the easiest to promote your Platform. Check all your information to ensure maximum accuracy and let our investors choose your platform to invest in.
A completed profile positions better in search results and we will be able to promote you better to investors.

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Focus in your Business

Focus only in increasing your projects quality and offer the best real estate investment choices.
Forget about your country's market share rate. We will show all your offers to potential customers all around the world without barriers. We have the biggest global real estate investor community.
Save time and money in marketing with BrickFunding.

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