1. Summary table of services and fees:

    1. Main Platform Service

      Payment plans available
       Free Monthly Affiliated Click
      Monthly fee:Free 99.00 /mo --- 0.75 /click
      Commission on investment:--- --- 3% ---
      Initial setup (one-off payment):--- 250.00 250.00 250.00
      Included services
      Access to Platform Manager:   
      Automated project management with data automation using web scraping and/or API integration:×   
      Manual project management and publication:×   
      Appear on BrickFunding's listings:   
      Dashboard control and basic statistics:   
      Users redirected to the Platform:   
      Leads sent to the Platform:   
      Email support:   
    2. Additional promotion services

      Promotion in listings
      Featured Project€16.00 /wk€55.00 /mo
      Featured Platform€19.00 /wk€69.00 /mo
      Advertising banner
      Home€19.00 /wk€69.00 /mo
      Redirecting page€25.00 /wk€79.00 /mo
      Projects page€29.00 /wk€89.00 /mo
      Blog€29.00 /wk€89.00 /mo
      Communication activities
      Drafting and Publication of interview €120.00
      Publication of 3 press releases €50.00
    3. Additional information services

      Advanced statistics inquire
      Customers and competition tracking inquire
    4. Additional consulting services

      Legal advice, documentation and contracts to obtain a license in Spain to the CNMV inquire
      Development service of custom software for real estate crowdfunding inquire
      Marketing consulting services inquire

  2. Fees:

    In consideration of the services contracted by the Platform through BrickFunding Platform Manager and pursuant to the General Conditions, BrickFunding will receive the fees indicated in the summary table above.

    All prices are shown in Euros and do NOT include Value Added Tax (VAT). All fees payable, according to the option chosen by the Platform, shall be paid in advance, except for the fees accrued by the Affiliated Plan that will be paid once the investment in the Platform is effective. These fees will be increased with the taxes, which, in each case, are legally applicable.

    Any concession, promotion and / or discount delivered by BrickFunding on the mentioned rates are limited to the specific circumstances for which they were granted, without constituting, in any case, set a precedent in favor of the Platform.

    The fees may be changed by BrickFunding, in which case registered Platforms will be notified by email at least thirty (30) calendar days before coming into force.

    If the Platform expressly refuses to accept the new Special Conditions and Fees, the Agreement shall end as soon as the new Special Conditions and Fees come into force. If no response is received from the Platform within thirty (30) calendar days, it will be deemed that the proposed changes have been tacitly accepted.

  3. Description of the payment service

    BrickFunding’s Platform Service currently offer to platforms three forms of subscription plans to choose from, via their account on the BrickFunding Platform Manager:

    • Free Plan

      It is totally free and gives the right to minimal services described in the table showed above.

      The Platform's information, filled in using the Platform Manager, will be listed in BrickFunding's Website under the Platforms Listings area, accessing all traffic that is generated towards the Platform.

    • Monthly Plan

      It has a fixed monthly cost (which is detailed in the previous summary table) and does not have any additional cost per click, nor per lead, nor any commission on the investments made by the users in the Platform. The payment of the monthly fee gives the right, as a flat rate, to all the basic services of the Platform Manager and to all the traffic that is generated towards the Platform.

      This system allows the Platforms a greater peace of mind and control over their finances. It is the right plan for Platforms which do not want surprises and prefer the comfort of a fixed fee.

      It is also a plan for Platforms that operate under legislation that does not allow to commission or have agents. And it can as well be suitable for those who have not implemented an affiliate plan.

    • Affiliated Plan

      With this payment plan, the cost is variable and will depend on the success of the investments made by the derivative users by BrickFunding. It has no monthly fee, but it entails a commission on the investments made by the investors derived to the Platform.

      The commission (whose percentage, of the total invested, is detailed in the previous summary table) will be accrued in each of the Projects in which the derivative user invested, by BrickFunding to the Platform, and will be paid within a maximum period of thirty days from the day of the successful completion of the financing of each Project.

      To be able to select this plan, it is necessary that the Platform implements, or has already developed, an affiliation plan that allows BrickFunding to track the investments made by the derived users.

    • Click Plan

      With this payment plan, the cost is variable and will depend on the number of users sent from BrickFunding.

      Payments are calculated monthly. We collect all redirections to your website during the corresponding month and calculate the corresponding fee accordingly.

  4. Description of the basic services included in the Platform’s Service

    1. What do they include?

      The Platform’s Service includes the following services (when suitable, based on selected plan):

      • Data Automation:

        BrickFunding will manage the automation of the Platform’s data, and of the creation and automated inclusion, in the project listings, of all the data of each new project, or investment opportunity, published by the Platform. Furthermore, it will also automate the investment progress’ update, daily or in real time if the Platform wishes so.

        BrickFunding will realize an integration with the Platform’s reading API. And if the Platform does not have a BrickFunding API, it will extract data from the Platform's website using scraping techniques or another similar technique. The development of this initial integration setup between the Platform and BrickFunding will have a cost, which is defined previously in the Fee section, and will be paid only once, at the beginning of contracting either plans. Possible modifications that may be necessary later on with the integration will be included in the plan.

      • Access to BrickFunding Platform Manager:

        In this private area intended solely for Platforms, the Platform will have a management dashboard with which to access, add and change the data on the Platform shown in BrickFunding, as well as its tax and/or invoicing details.

        Also, the Platform can, if wanted, manually upload data on the projects and investment opportunities it offers, or change, or correct data resulting from data automation.

      • Appear on BrickFunding lists:

        Both the Platform and the Projects and investment opportunities it creates using Platform Manager will appear in the listed information provided to BrickFunding's users in

      • Basic statistics:

        Platforms will have access to basic statistics such as how many times their projetcs had been listed, viewed, or how many redirections did they have to their web.

      • Web traffic and lead referrals:

        BrickFunding includes a button in all its listings to allow users to visit the Platform’s website for more information about the Platform and/or Project. BrickFunding does not charge for clicks. BrickFunding also gives the option to put the user in contact with the Platform directly and does not charge for these leads. Although, depending on the payment plan chosen, BrickFunding can take a commission on the possible investment that the user makes.

      • Email support:

        The Platform can contact BrickFunding and report any incidents to the email address BrickFunding shall respond to emails within at least ten (10) working hours, although every effort will be made to contact the Platform as soon as possible.

    2. For how long?

      The services provided by BrickFunding Platform Manager under the two Plans will run for one (1) month from the date the Plan is accepted, upon clicking the contracting button in the private area of the Platform, in, and may be tacitly extended for equal consecutive periods.

  5. Additional services

    1. What do they include?

      The number of clicks the Platform receives will depend on the quality and profitability of the Projects published, and the number of visitors referred to the site will therefore depend on how much interest the Platform is able to arouse in BrickFunding users through the messages conveyed, communications, image and the perceived value and solvency of the Platform and its Projects.

      To increase the number of visitors, the Platform may contract additional services through the BrickFunding Platform Manager dashboard in order to promote and highlight the Platform and its Projects and thus drive more traffic from qualified investors to its website. The fees for such services will vary, given that they are conducted by means of an online bidding system. In addition, the Platform may indicate the countries for which it wishes to contract the services. The starting price for these additional services is described later on in the Fees section. In addition, the prices will be clearly displayed in the contracting area of BrickFunding Platform Manager so that the Platform can review them prior to contracting. The Platform may set the maximum bidding price and/or maximum monthly amount it is willing to pay for these additional promotion services.

      The following additional services are available:

      • Featured platform*:

        The Platform will be featured in graphic form and highlighted with a badge (a star or similar) to make it stand out. In addition, it will appear by default at the top of Platform listings on Brickfunding’s Website (the exact position will depend on the bidding result), ahead of non-featured Platforms. It is only when a user chooses to sort the list by user-defined criteria that the Platform will appear in the order corresponding to the selected filter criteria, although it will always stand out and appear as a featured Platform.

      • Featured project*:

        The Project will be featured in graphic form and highlighted with a badge (a star or similar) to make it stand out. In addition, it will appear by default at the top of Project listings on Brickfunding’s Website (the exact position will depend on the bidding result), ahead of non-featured Projects. It is only when the user chooses to sort the list by user-defined criteria that the Project will appear in the order corresponding to the selected filter criteria, although it will always stand out and appear as a featured Project.

        All these promotional actions will be visible as such to the website users. BrickFunding has a classification algorithm for the Projects and Platforms, with which it makes the lists. The purpose of all these additional promotional services is not to alter the classification in said lists, but to clearly show to the User the Platforms that have a special interest in highlighting and promoting themselves.

      • Promotional display*:

        The Platform may contract a promotional display or banner to showcase the Platform and/or a Project in prominent areas of Brickfunding’s Website, such as the home page, the redirection page, the projects page, a pop-up window or any other digital marketing solution that may be agreed by the parties.

      • Advanced statistics:

        Platforms would be able to contract the advanced consultation statistics service.

      • Tracking of clients and / or competition:

        Platforms may also contract the monitoring service of their own users, so they could track the development and compare themselves to their main competitors.

      • Interviews and press releases publications:

        BrickFunding will make and publish on its website at least one written interview, and another one in video format, of the CEO of the Platform, or a designated person by the Platform, in which they would explain their business model and the advantages of this one. Likewise, BrickFunding may also publish up to three press releases, submitted by the Platform, on an annual basis.

      • Consulting services:

        Platforms that wish so could also contract our consulting services to boost the development of their business, to obtain the license or even for the development of the necessary software. Do not hesitate to contact us.

      * Important note: Unlike the main service, the contracting of the aforementioned services is considered advertising, and it is the Platform’s responsibility to comply with the national regulations governing its intrinsic activity and advertising activities in the countries in which it decides to promote itself.

    2. For how long?

      Additional promotion services contracted will run for ONE WEEK and may be tacitly extended for equal consecutive periods. The information services will have a duration of one month, and can be tacitly extended for successive and equal periods. And the consulting services will last as long as the parties agree.