Frequently Asked Questions

In BrickFunding we want to be transparent and offer you - with this little list of questions and answers - details about our platform and its advantages. Should you have any other question, please contact us and we will be glad to help you.

Why should I list my projects on BrickFunding?

BrickFunding is the first global aggregator specialised in real estate crowdfunding, offering highly-qualified traffic to the platforms we list. The sales opportunities generated by clicks from BrickFunding are highly segmented and direct. BrickFunding is a website focused on real estate investors, offering them the best information, search options and investment opportunity comparison, making it easier for these qualified investors to access your projects. If your platform is indexed on our website, your projects will have greater visibility and a better chance of reaching a solvent audience. We redirect this audience's traffic to your site, where users can become your clients.

Doesn’t BrickFunding compete with crowdfunding platforms?

No, we are not a crowdfunding platform, and we don't plan on becoming one. BrickFunding does not compete with real estate crowdfunding platforms; rather, it channels traffic to them. Our goal is to offer more traffic and better quality to these platforms, segmenting them by countries and sectors.Here at BrickFunding, we are focused on making a quick, effective search engine to offer our users the greatest amount of information possible. The links send you to the platforms with which we work. We aren't interested in becoming a target site. Take a look at the results pages; the goal is for the user to click and go to a specific investment project.

How does BrickFunding classify the projects it shows?

We use our own algorithm that groups and classifies projects based on exclusively technical criteria. The user decides how to organise them: alphabetically, by expected profitability, by the minimum investment amount, geographically, etc. At BrickFunding, we do not prioritise any platform over the other, nor do we make one project stand out from the rest. No crowdfunding platform holds shares in BrickFunding. We are an independent company.

How did BrickFunding obtain my content?

BrickFunding has its own software that collects content from the Internet. We only index publicly available content, and from that information, we only save the data necessary to offer a basic description of the investment projects so that our users can find what they need. Of course, we also receive content from platforms with whom we have a collaboration agreement and decide to list their projects with us.

What does BrickFunding do with my content?

Like all search engines, we index information so that the search experience is as easy as possible for the investor. Different projects are clearly marked, and the crowdfunding platform in question is shown, including a direct link to your website. Your project listings are yours, not ours.

How can I post my website’s content on BrickFunding?

The most practical way to do this is to send us an XML feed or to contact our technical department to develop an API. Contact our customer service department by sending an email to [email protected]

There is a mistake on one of my listings. How should I let you know?

Please write to us at [email protected] and we will correct it as soon as possible.

Do you want to delete an advertisement?

The information on BrickFunding is public domain and was previously publicised. If, even so, you want to delete an advertisement, contact us and it will be removed from our listings.

Does BrickFunding require exclusiveness?

No. As of today, there is no other global aggregator specialised in real estate crowdfunding, but if one is created in the future, of course we will not require exclusiveness. We believe that it benefits platforms to promote their projects on the greatest number of sites possible, maximising their chances of receiving qualified traffic.

Does BrickFunding only work with large crowdfunding platforms?

No. Whether you are a large platform on the market or a small, newly-arrived company, we want to work with you. If you are interested in receiving more qualified traffic to your investment opportunities, don't hesitate to contact us.

How much traffic and how many sales opportunities does BrickFunding generate for my site?

It depends on how many projects you have, and whether they fit the search criteria of investors who use BrickFunding. Contact us and we will inform you as to how to increase traffic to your platform and maximise your sales opportunities. Our team will provide you with customised service, based on your interests.

What does BrickFunding provide me with?

BrickFunding is an excellent qualified traffic source to push your business forward. With an innovative design and an intuitive browsing system, BrickFunding uses state-of-art technologies to provide its users with the best service and to show updated offers every day. This means we can offer our partners high conversion rates and send them quality traffic.There are over 200 real estate crowdfunding platforms in the world today. Almost all of them are exclusively concentrated in their country of origin. BrickFunding offers them international clients who are interested in investing in crowdfunding, diverting them toward national platforms. The platform also provides the opportunity to highlight certain projects out of the entire available offer.Don't wait any longer! Put your content on BrickFunding, too, and start receiving quality views and contacts, growing your business.

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